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Sage –  Is an easy to grow shrubby perennial with aromatic foliage used most often with poultry – Thanksgiving turkey and dressing anyone??  A perennial with gray-green textured long, oval shaped leaves.  Sage has an attractive, compact spreading growth habit that makes it an attractive edging plant.  Great as a companion any vegetable garden, it also works well planted in containers or herb gardens.

Use fresh sage as needed.  Pick active growing shoots or separate leaves to hang dry, screen dry, or freeze.  Use in stuffings, omelets, soups,and stews.  Dried branches can be used in baths, or for making lotions or herbal wreaths.  Sage is said to have antioxidant and anti-Inflammatory properties as well as to possibly improve brain function.  Its scientific name is Salvia officinalis derived from the Latin word, alvere, which means ‘to be saved’.  Herb of the Year on 2001.

Plant in full sun where it grows to a height of 18 inches.  Best if not harvested the first year, allowing the plant to get established.  Hardy in zones 4-8 as a perennial.  Prune back early spring each year to promote new growth.

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