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Purple Loropetalum

Purple Loropetalum

Loropetalum chinensis (Fringe Flower)  is from the Witch Hazel family and a beautiful and versatile evergreen shrub sporting deep purple foliage all year round.  Branches arch gracefully similar to the spirea ‘Bridal Wreath’ .  Pink flower blooms appear intermittently throughout the year.  Grows to about 6 feet tall and wide and hardy to around 15 degrees F.


This cultivar grows to about 6 feet tall and wide. It has the same growing requirements as other Loropetalum varieties, and is hardy to about 15 degrees F. We have found that Loropetalum can go semi-deciduous in cold weather.

The masses of vibrant, fuchsia-pink blossoms and deep purple leaves of Loropetalum chinensis
make it easy to understand the increased popularity of this shrub.

Use as a hedge or a specimen planting for a colorful airy impact.Loropetulum