Euonymus Green Spire

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Mature Euonymus GreenSpire

Mature Euonymus Green Spire

Euonymus japonicus ‘Green Spire’

Euonymus Green Spire is the perfect evergreen for building a dense, narrow clipped hedge or screen – formal or informal.  Green Spire is a moderate growing evergreen shrub with a unique columnar growth pattern – all branches growing almost upright and close together. It has proven to be tough and adaptable making it a great plant for even small spaces.  Leaves are glossy/shiny green color, closely arranged along upright stems.

Hardy in zones 6 – 10 .  Deer resistant and tolerates full sun to heavy shade.  Grows to a height of 5 – 8 feet and 1- 2 feet wide but can be shaped to desired size.   Can be susceptible to the same problem as other euonymus species such as scale whitefly and aphids.


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