Creeping Jenny

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Creeping Jenny with Peony

Creeping Jenny  (lysimachia nummularia) – also known as moneywort- is a fast growing groundcover that will adds striking colors of florescent gold and green to your garden.   When planted in the sun, leaves turn more golden whereas shade dwelling specimens become a lime green.

In my garden (zone 6b) , Creeping Jenny dies back in the winter, only to return with vigor come spring.  This picture was taken in spring as the Creeping Jenny was waking up and the Peonies leafing out.  Creeping Jenny is hardy to zone 9, semi-evergreen plant in zone 8 and a deciduous perennial in zones 3 through 7.  Unsightly stems can be cut back in spring if desired.

Creeping Jenny looks great in containers and planter boxes as it grows quickly and the round leaves sparkle with cheerful green foliage.  If planted over a retaining wall or rocks, it will gracefully cascade over the wall.  Creeping Jenny is often used as a groundcover due to its fast growth and brilliant lime green color.  The perfect choice as a natural groundcover to run wild along a bank or near a stream as it grows well in damp areas.

Creeping Jenny is happy in full sun if kept moist but does best in partial shade.  Grows to a height of on 2 – 4 inches, it will spread to 2 feet or more.

Early Spring emergence of Creeping Jenny with Hyacinths

Early Spring emergence of Creeping Jenny with Hyacinths

Creeping Jenny with Hosta and Lambs Ear