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Common Lilac

Lilac – Syringa vulgarism  

Everyone loves Lilacs!!  The Common Lilac is an old fashioned favorite dating back to the 1750’s and known for their wonderful aromatic blooms in spring.  Lilacs bloom in April to May with colorful purple flower clusters the emit a sweet memorable fragrance.  Their strong scent will carry quite a distance which I love as I enjoy the lovely fragrance throughout the yard and in through open windows.  They make exquisite indoor cut flower arrangements and the blooms are attractive to butterflies and hummingbirds.  Lilacs are an easy care / low maintenance plant found to be very hardy.  Blooms best in full sun but will tolerate partial shade.

Plant in spring or fall and space 5 to 15 feet apart.  Lilacs grow 8 – 15 feet tall and 6 to 12 feet wide.  Best grown in zones 3 – 7.  Excellent as a specimen / accent or in small groups.  Often planted in shrub borders, parks, or as shelter and screen plantings.  They are tolerate of deer and clay soil.

Common Lilac is an upright, multi stemmed, suckering shrub that should be pruned immediately after flowering to maintain desired size and shape.  Lilacs bloom on old wood so it is important to prune in spring after the blooms have faded to prevent cutting off next years blooms

To force a winter bouquet from cut branches of lilac, bruise the cut ends and set them in water in a cool place.  Spray the branches frequently with water until they start to bloom, then move them to a warmer area for display.  Enjoy the wonderful fragrance and beautiful purple blooms for an early spring.


Purple Glory Lilac (Syringa x hyacinthiflora)


A rambunctious bloomer bearing loads of sweet blooms even when the plants are very young.  Very dependable and a prolific bloomer of bluish-purple fragrant flowers that will fill your landscape with a heavenly aroma.  Blooms mid May bursting with color.  Cut some as a cut flower and fill your house with it’s wonderful aroma.  Prefer full to part sun.

HEIGHT: 12-15 ft SPREAD: 8-12 ft ZONE: 3-8


Red Pixie Lilac


A dwarf lilac with a compact form making it a popular choice for smaller areas or in a large pot on your sunny patio.   This high performer is an upright shrub growing to around 4ft with small, soft green leaves.  The tiny, fragrant flowers are purple-red in bud, opening to lilac mauve.  Plant in full to part shade in average soil and is tolerant of clay or chalk soils.  Hardy in zones 2-7.

Can be used as a border or a specimen plant.  Prune after flowering if necessary as some dead-heading will enhance the appearance later in the season.  Spring flowers are fragrant and perfect for cutting to bring the scent indoors.

HEIGHT: 4-5 ft SPREAD: 4-5 ft ZONE: 2-7

Lilac Bush - blooms on old wood

Lilac Bush – blooms on old wood



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