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Ajuga (Bugleweed)

Ajuga (Bugleweed)

Ajuga reptans (also known as Bugleweed) is a member of the mint family making it widely adaptable and a vigorous perennial groundcover.  This is the perfect plant if you are looking for a colorful, attractive creeping evergreen to  cover a large area quickly.   Grown mainly for its foliage which is a beautiful dark purple/ green which contrasts beautifully with the green leaves of most plants.


Ajuga will grow in partial to half shade in any moist but well-drained soil.  Grows to 8 inches tall and an aggressive “spreader”.  Develops blue to violet flowers and hardy in zones 4-9.

Use Ajuga under trees or on banks and spreads through runners.  Great for smothering out weeds and filling in and performing erosion control.  Ajuga can get out of control without proper care.  One way to keep it in check, is to plant it in a sunny location.  Although Ajuga is typically grown in shady locations, it will thrive in the sun but appears to be less aggressive as it grows slower.

Once your Ajuga is established it should require little care.  More watering is necessary if located in a sunny location.