Shasta Daisy

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Shasta Daisy 'Crazy Daisy'

‘Crazy Daisy’ Shasta Daisy

Shasta Daisy  Crazy Daisy  Leucanthemum x superbum – The perfect perennial with multiple large frilly white blooms per stem.  Blooms are up to 3 inches across and sport cheerful yellow centers.  Petals twist and turn making them fun and cheerful.   No two flowers are alike with petals twisting and turning in every direction.  Plant in mass for a dramatic chaotic carpet of color.

Warm weather is the trigger to start the profusion of blooms so bring on the spring!  Crazy Daisy will continue to bless you with frilly white flowers all summer long.  Remove spent flowers to promote blooming.  You can divide clumps every 2-3 years to maintain tidy plants and have more of these wonderful plants to put throughout your garden.  Blooms from June to August and makes an excellent cut flower. 

As with most types of Shasta Daisy, Crazy Daisy prefers full sun and soil that has good drainage but will tolerate most soil types.    Hardy in zones 5-8,  they will grow 18 – 24 inches tall and wide making them perfect for containers, perennials beds, borders, or cottage gardens.


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  1. Carlisa

    I’m just wondering if you sell other shasta daisies possibly more like the Becky shasta daisies?

    Only daisies I have at this time are crazy daisies, sorry. Thanks for looking.


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