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Clematis are known as the “Queen of Vines” and have proven to be very diverse group of lovely ornamental vines.  With the exception of Sweet Autumn clematis which is a fast grower, there is an old saying the the first year clematis sleep, second year they creep, and third year they leap.


Purple Clematis

Purple Clematis – One of the most favored climbing vine for gardens, a classic beauty.  Nothing is more beautiful than a clematis vine in full bloom bursting with color.  They will thrill you with a profusion of striking large purple blooms starting in June with another flush in August.

Perfect for growing on an arbor, trellis or twining through a rose bush or tree.  Often seen decorating a mailbox or porch with their beautiful cascading blooms.  Easy to grow and long lived.  You should definitely add this to your landscape.

Hardy in zones 4-8, the prefer full sun but protect the roots with planting of small flowers or mulch as they like their “Tops in the sun and feet in the shade”.


Clematis Nellie Moser

Clematis Nellie Moser

Nellie Moser Clematis – A beautiful vine with large blooms of pale mauve striped with darker pink central bands.  Blooms May through June and then blesses you again with a repeat of beautiful blooms in August.  Nellie Moser clematis vines often grow up to 8 feet tall and prefer half sun/half shade . Shade the roots with mulch, small flowers or ground cover.   For best color, plant in partial shade as the color can often fade in full sun.



White Clematis

Double White Clematis

White Clematis – We have two types, double white and single white – both are beautiful and striking against their green foliage.

Our single white clematis variety will explode with 6-7 inch singe white blooms in early summer and again in fall with smaller blooms.  Plant them where you can enjoy them in the bright morning sunshine.

Clematis x florida ‘Dutchess of Edinburgh’ is a double white flowering clematis as shown to the left.  Flower rosettes are 4-6 inch double white flowers which appear in early summer.


Important:  Plant the crown around 3 inches deeper than it was in the pot , burying the first set of leaves.  This will encourage the production of strong shoots from below soil level and discourages clematis wilt.

Group 2 Clematis – This group variety means they begin to bloom in early summer with the first flowers blooming on previous year’s growth.  The second flush of flowers appear on new growth from the summer.  These flowers are usually smaller and often single.  Best time to prune this group is in late winter or early spring.  Remove dead and weak shoots with the remaining shoots pruned back to 6-9 inches above a couple of well-developed buds.


Sweet Autumn Clematis

Sweet Autumn Clematis

Clematis paniculata (Sweet Autumn) is a vigorous climbing clematis that blooms profusely during the months of August and September.  The vines are covered with tiny white flowers that emit a wonderful rich fragrance.  Stems will twist and twine around trellises, arbors, posts, fences, or any structure that offers strong support. Some Gardeners choose to allow them to sprawl along the ground as a dense ground cover to hide old tree stumps or other eyesores.  As you can see from the picture, it is a gorgeous sight when covered in bright white fragrant flowers in late summer, After the blooms are spent, they become silvery fluffy seed heads. These are hardy climbers that grow very rapidly and often reach up to 20 feet in one season, but can be kept under control by cutting stems back to 12in in fall or spring. It blooms on the current year’s growth new growth.

I am particularly fond of this Sweet Autumn Clematis that grows  in front of my Garden House on a trellis.   This is one seasons growth as I cut it back every fall or spring to about a foot from the ground.  During summer, if the vine starts to grow over areas I don’t want covered (the doorway to the Garden House), I just grab a handful of vine and chop away.  Doesn’t hurt the plant which continues to be full of blooms in August.

It prefers full sun but unlike many Clematis, it will thrive and bloom well in shade.  Don’t expect it to bloom the first year, but you can expect it to begin blooming the second year. So, if you’re looking for a low-maintenance vine that’ll cover a trellis or pergola over the course of a growing season – and produce a bumper crop of blooms, this clematis is for you!  Zones 3-8

Sweet Autumn Clematis is known to reseed and therefore has landed on a number of invasive species lists.  Group 3 Clematis : Prune hard to within 6-12 inches from ground in late winter.

Burgundy Clematis

Burgundy Clematis

Ruby Color Clematis

Ruby Colored Clematis

Clematis Henrii

Clematis – Single White

Purple Clematis

Purple Clematis

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