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Arborvitae have become very popular in landscapes as they have proved to be versatile and attractive trees or shrubs. Arborvitae are often planted as a beautiful evergreen screen, or as a hedge or specimen plants.  They tolerate moist soil and not happy if they are allowed to dry out, especially the first year until well established.  There are many different types of arborvitae available today.  What we grow here are the following:


Little Giant Arborvitae  (Thuja occidentalis ‘Little Giant’)  

 A wonderful evergreen globe-shaped small shrub with very soft rich green foliage. The compact form and rich green foliage help make this a great foundation plant, specimen or hedge.    Also great for use in containers and rock gardens.  Its relatively fine texture makes a good contrast with other landscape plants. These shrubs need very little pruning & are tolerant of wet soils.

Growth Rate‎ -‎Slow   Height  5 ft   Spread 3-4 ft     Prefers Full Sun