Viburnum ‘Mariesii’

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Viburnums – A versatile and garden worthy good flowering shrubs which can be used for those problem areas – dry, wet,  sunny or shady.  A reliable performer and trouble free, they are attractive for their flowers, foliage & fruit.   Viburnums can be planted in groups as a hedge, living screen, or just as an accent or filler shrub.  They have four season interest and are good for attracting birds and wildlife.

Viburnum Marisii

Viburnum Mariesii

Viburnum’Mariesii’  (f. tomentosum) – A unique deciduous, dense, upright multi-stemmed flowering shrub with tiered horizontal branches.  Double rows of lace cap type clusters of white flowers appear on top the branches in spring.  Common name is double file viburnum which refers to the double rows of flat-topped blooms that extend along the branches above the foliage.


Flowers are succeeded by red berries in winter which eventually turn to black.  Leaves are dark green and heavily veined, turning to a burgundy red in fall.

Viburnum Mariesii is hardy in zones 5-8 and has no serious disease or insect problems noted.  Grows to 10 – 12 feet tall and 12 – 15 feet wide  but can be trimmed to maintain the desired size and height.  Blooms on old wood so prune after blooms have faded.

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