Wholesale Pricing

Wholesale Pricing available on Liners, Plugs and Rooted Cuttings as well as plants sold on the retail side and currently in stock. Please contact us for pricing. We can mail or email you a price list and current availability.  Please be prepared to send a copy of your wholesale license.

Becky Pratt operates Becky’s Flower Farm which was started on the family farm in 2014 after retiring from a nursing career. We appreciate your business and always strive to deliver quality products and good service. If you ever have any complaints, we will do whatever is necessary to give you complete satisfaction.

We would like to cordially invite you to visit our nursery. We are located in beautiful Northwest Arkansas out in the country between Prairie Grove and Lincoln which is west of Fayetteville, Arkansas on Wedington Blacktop Road off Highway 62.

 Please call us first so we can avoid unnecessary delays for you.

Rooted Cuttings

Rooted Cuttings (RC) – These are previous summer cuttings from plants that have been prepared and stuck in a propagation mist bed to grow roots. Come winter, the mist is turned off and the bed is covered with white plastic over hoops. They are overwintered in these unheated hoop houses until the following spring. Depending on the type of plant, a rooted cutting may be large enough to be planted directly into a field or into what we call a “grow bed” . In some cases, they may need to either be potted or planted in a bed for an additional growing season before they are large enough to sell retail.  This is true of most evergreens as they are slower growers.



Liners – Our liners are rooted cuttings which have been planted outside where they become slowly acclimated to our hot summers and cold winters. This  produces a naturally hardier, healthier plant, ready to be planted in its home and grow off more quickly.   For mailing, we will dig and pack the day you request them and after payment.  We carefully pack your liners with the roots wrapped in moist material and tops dry.

Burning Bush liner

Burning Bush liner

Java Red Weigela liner

Java Red Weigela liner








One and Two Gallon plants also available at discounted pricing.

Gallon Crape Myrtles









Wholesale pricing and current availability by request via phone or email.

Minimum Order

We are wholesale to the trade and have a minimum order of 50 per variety of rooted cuttings and liners.  No minimum on one gallon and up.


You may phone, email, mail your order or use the contact form at the bottom of the page.
Terms and Shipping

USPS shipping is the preferred method of shipment.  Shipping costs are billed separately.

Major credit cards or Paypal accepted.