Candytuft Iberis

Gallon – $5.97

Candytuft Iberis                                                                Courtesy of Walters Gardens Inc

Nothing quite ‘pops’ like a blanket of pure white to announce the beginning of Spring!  Candytuft Iberis ‘Alexander’s White’ is a perennial ground cover that blooms with large clusters of white flowers.  The narrow evergreen leaves are smothered with white flowers that last from mid to late spring with a less showy rebloom in the fall.

An old-time favorite, candytuft is a charming plant for perennial gardens. Because of its drought tolerance, it makes a great filler for crevices in walls or between the stones of walkways. It is also effective as edging or groundcover.

Candytuft is easily grown in well-drained, alkaline soil in full sun. Plan to shear these plants back by about half right after they are finished flowering in order to promote new growth and a more compact growth habit.  The mounds grow to around 8 to 10 inches tall and spread 12 to 24 inches.  Hardy in zones 3-9, plant is full sun.  They tolerate poor soil and drought conditions.