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IMG_0463Peony – Paeonia

I love Peonies!!  The Peony is a beautiful blooming perennial that is very fragrant and hardy.  They have been known to live for a hundred years.  The blooms of the peony are absolutely lush, fragrant, and a favorite of most.  Their beauty and fragrance will keep you wanting more.  After the large blooms fade (or in my case are cut for gorgeous bouquets), the foliage stays green and lush all summer.  The peony dies down in the winter and old foliage can be cut back.  They like cold weather which is necessary for bud formation.

Bloom time for Peonies is between May and June.  Peonies can be used by themselves as a specimen, planted in mass as a low border, or combined with other flowers.  They work well with columbines, irises and roses.  Peonies planted in groups of 3 to 5 in a perennial bed can be eye-catching.  They are a wonderful cut flower that add color and fragrance to your arrangements.

Peonies need full sun / part sun but I have found they do best if planted where they can get plenty of sunshine.  The do not like to be crowded. Peonies may take time to become established and may not bloom the first year or two after planting, however they are well worth the wait.  Make sure you don’t plant them too deep as they will not bloom if the eyes are too deep and not able to get their “winter chill”.  Roots should be from 1 to 2 inches below the surface of the soil.   Hardiness Zone 3-8    Height – Two to four feet tall

White Peony

Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 4.47.38 PM

Pink Peony

Early Peony Buds

Early Peony Buds


2 thoughts on “Peony

  1. Liz bostian

    I am planning an early October wedding. Will peonies be available then and if so what color? Thanks!

    1. Becky Pratt Post author

      Liz, Peonies bloom in spring and not available unless you have a florist see if they can special order some. My peonies for sale are in containers. Best of luck with your wedding! Becky


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