Variegated Japonica Picta

Gallon – $5.97

Variegated Japonica ‘Picta’ (Variegated Japanese Kerria)   (japonica variegata )-  A variegated low-growing rounded shrub that has profuse single yellow flowers in April to May.  The slow spreading deciduous shrub has an airy appearance with delicate gray-green leaves with cream color margins.  Stems are a striking green and yellow stripes from which the single yellow flowers emerge.  Blooms are profuse and a brilliant egg-yolk yellow/gold putting on a colorful show in any shade garden.

Not a fussy plant to grow, it is happy growing in most well draining soils.  Delivers a striking wave of color when planted in mass in the shrub border or incorporated in foundation plantings.  Foliage makes for an interesting specimen in partially shaded areas of the rock garden or border.

 Can be pruned hard which seems to cause a rejuvenation resulting in a fuller plant, brighter stems, and improved flowering.  Japanese Kerria ‘Picta’ blooms on previous year’s wood, so prune after flowering in the spring.

Hardy in zones 4-9 Kerria ‘Picta’  prefers part shade. Grows to about 2-3 feet tall with a 2-4 foot spread.    Is deer, drought, heavy shade, clay soil, dry or wet soil tolerant.  A beautiful low maintenance plant without any serious insect or disease problems.


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