Ninebark ‘Royalty’

   1 Gallon – $5.97    2 Gallon – $10.00

Ninebark ‘Royalty’

Do you have a place in your landscape that needs brightening up with a spark of color? Ninebark ‘Royalty’ is the ideal candidate with unique deep royal purple fine textured, maple like leaves. Clusters of cream-colored flowers cover the shrub in late spring, followed by reddish seed capsules that persist through winter. Beautiful exfoliating bark adds to the winter interest. Ninebark is an underused native shrub that is highly adaptable for most sun-loving gardens. It is a low maintenance, hardy, vigorous and fast-growing shrub that can transform your utilitarian planting from boring to stunning.

This multi-stemmed deciduous shrub flourishes in sunny locations for brightest color but also does well in part sun.   Hardy in zones 3-7, it grows well in almost any soil and has proven to be drought and deer resistant.



Growth rate is fast with the shrub reaching full size of 6-8 feet tall and 4 feet wide within 4-5 years. If you prefer a more compact shrub, prune to the ground or to desired height in early spring. However, be aware that early pruning can remove the flowers for the season as they set their buds on last year’s wood. This is often not a problem as the real prize of Ninebark is the beautiful purple leaf color that remains vivid all season. Great for pollinators, the spring blossoms are attractive to bees and butterflies, while birds enjoy the seeds in fall.

Stunning with tall canes that rise from the crown creating a vase shaped plant which fountains at the top. This shape and foliage color makes for a nice focal point or specimen plant in your landscape. The tall height allows for a dramatic backdrop for bright summer-blooming annuals or perennials. The color contrasts can be a real eye catcher! Other uses include shrub borders, mixed borders, privacy screens and hedges.


Ninebark ‘Royalty’ will typically reach a height up to 5-6 feet and spread of 3-4 feet. Hardy in plant zones 3-9.  For the richest foliage color, grow them in an area of your garden that enjoys full sun.  but they will also grow in part shade.  If you don’t have full sun, they also grow well in part shade so don’t loose out on having this gorgeous shrub in your landscape.

The Ninebark earns its name by exhibiting a deep exfoliating textured bark. The bark is reddish brown when young, but as stems age, the bark repeatedly peels off in layers of papery strips to expose new bark underneath lending to the name Ninebark. (Physocarpus/Ninebark).

This is a new item at our nursery and I have been extremely pleased with how fast it grows and how beautiful it remains all summer.