Ramping up for Spring

Daffodils with Lamium ground cover

Now is the time to think ahead and start “Ramping up for Spring”.  It may seem early to some, but Springtime means a flurry of activity and tasks and if we don’t think ahead to get ready, we may get caught with “too little too late”.  You see, when the sleepy plants are ready to wake up and start exploding with color and growth, they don’t wait to see if we’re ready.  So I would like to highlight some of our special or new items  available this Spring so you can also start planning ahead to make this the best year for your garden!   The plan is to start a blog series with posts every few weeks featuring new or popular plants  that we will have available this Spring.  For each plant or species, I will have information on:  how to grow, where to grow, what size will it be and sun or shade preference, and how to incorporate into your landscape and partner with other plants.   I will include pictures and suggestions on placement in your landscape as well as answer frequent questions I receive.   Some of the featured plants for future blogs are:

    Hostas  Large leafed ‘Guacamole’ and faithful variegated ‘Patriot’ Hosta

    Autumn Fern  (Dryopteris erythrosora)

    Ninebark ‘Royalty’

    Quince- Bright orange and pink


    Lilacs – Old Fashioned,

     Hydrangea – Oakleaf and sun tolerant types

     Althea – AKA Rose of Sharon

     Vibernums – Snowball bush and Doublefile

     Weigela – ‘Java Red’

     Old Fashioned Native Perennials 

plus many more – stay tuned!




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