Beautyberry ‘Issai’

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Dwarf Japanese Beautyberry ‘Issai’ (Callicarpa dichotoma)

Dwarf Japanese Beautyberry ‘Issai’ is a versatile shrub that has graceful, downward-arching branches and proves to be one of the most beautiful in the Beautyberry family.  This species has smaller leaves spaced close together on the stem forming a smaller, more compact shrub forming the same cascading or weeping effect so common on other Beautyberries. Small Pink  lavender blooms appear mid summer followed by clusters of purple berries which encircle the stems from late summer thru winter.  The amethyst-purple berries form at the same time the leaves are turning a bronze-yellow color. Birds will stop by to enjoy the fruit even though the Beautyberry  tends to be deer resistant. 

While hardy in zones 5-8,  it needs to be treated as a perennial in colder locations where it can die back to the ground in winter, only to regrow come springtime.  Beautyberry flowers on new growth so summer blooms are not lost by the winter die back.

This compact shrub grows 3-6 feet tall and wide and is happy in full sun or part sun.  Locate in the full sun  for best form and dense growth.  While the native American Beautyberry grows too large for many residential landscapes, the dwarf Isaii  plant remains small and in scale with many yards.   They can be massed together spaced 4 to 5 feet apart to form a nice border or divider.  Branches will droop over a wall if planted on top making it ideally suited for raised planters or containers.  Other uses are as a specimen or accent plant in your landscape.  Scientific name: Callicarpa dichotoma.

I have had requests to stock the Beautyberry plant so people can use the stems and berries for decoration.  They are  very popular with florists as fresh cut stems or dried stems and berries to use in flower arrangements and wreaths.