Large leaf Begonia

Large leaf Begonia

Annuals are plants that only live for one season – they are a temporary visitor versus perennials that return year after year.  Annuals die when the temperature turns cold or after a hard frost.  Annuals add a profusion of color and cheer and are a valuable collection of plants for any garden.  I prefer to use perennials and shrubs in my flower beds for structure and depth, then add annuals each spring for additional flowering and color.   A garden planted with just annuals will require replanting each year.  That is too much work for me and I like to have some different textures and heights in my beds that last all year round.  That being said, annuals are a critical addition and a must to add bright flowers and color to our flower beds.

The Big Box stores often get their annuals from Nurseries with large greenhouses where they can start their annuals with heat for early blooms.  For that reason, I will not have as large a selection of early blooming annuals like you find in the big stores.  However, annuals that are sold here will be hardened off and acclimated to our local weather and conditions of Northwest Arkansas.

For the biggest impact, plant annuals in groups and not as a single plant that could get lost among the greenery of a garden.  Annuals come in a large variety of color and shapes and most  prefer sunshine.

Some of the annuals we will have available are annuals in Northwest Arkansas but used as perennials in warmer climates.  Many of these plants can be brought indoors to over winter in order to enjoy their beauty for more than one season.