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Succulent Arrangement

Succulent Arrangement

Succulents are a group of easy care plants that seem to thrive on neglect.  Succulents plants (mostly Hen and Chicks) were plants always found at my Grandmothers either in containers and in the flower beds.  I never appreciated them until the last couple of years when we started making arrangements in containers.  My sister and I had fun going to antique stores and finding odd items in  which we planted succulents.  These items ranged from old flour sifters, strainers, toy trucks, to old tins and even a old metal bedpan.    Succulents are very versatile and require very little soil, making them great candidates for all types of containers.   They are a facinating group of plants and fun to watch as they grow, change color and shapes and some even bloom.  The Hen and Chicks will grow ‘babies’ or offshoots the look just like the mother plant.  Other types of succulents can have “babies’ that grow on their leaves and fall off into the dirt to grow into a mother plant.  I love to watch how a fallen leaf land on the soil and if left alone will eventually start to grow roots.  Then a bud with new small leaves appear, the original leaf dries up, and anew plant is born.   Succulent plants are the perfect choice for people who need a plant that is easy to care for and forgiving when forgotten to water.  They seem to thrive on neglect which makes them a great plant, too much care and water can kill them.

Succulents are booming in popularity with their easy care properties, different shapes and unusual colors.  They are beautiful and close to being indestructible.  Succulents have special water-storage tissues that allow them to store water in their leaves or stems which enables them to survive in dry environments.

Succulents grow best in bright light if indoors and full sun if outdoors.  With our hot summers, a little afternoon shade will keep the leaves from burning.  They need bright light to show off their beautiful colors.  Succulents need well draining soil which is allowed to dry out between waterings. They are a great addition to any garden and can will add interest to borders, rock gardens and especially perfect for containers.  They have become popular for use in wedding centerpieces and bridal bouquets.  You can use them as the perfect house plant or as a centerpiece for your next dinner party.

We also have  succulent arrangements in a variety of containers.  Take one home and enjoy!

Succulent design  $24

Succulent design $22


Flour Sifter $18


Succulent arrangement $20.00


Old Tin $18

Succulents  $24

Succulents $24

Playschool container  $18

Playschool container $18

Old Spittoon with aloa vera plant $20

Old Spittoon with aloa vera plant $20


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