Pink Muhly Grass

Gallon – $5.97    3 Gallon – $10.00

Pink Muhly Grass (Muhlenbergiacapillaris) is a beautiful warm season grass and a new hit in popularity. Blue-green foliage grows in a mounded shape during the summer growing season.  Come fall, this winner sends out billowing pink seed heads that open forming a cotton candy crown. Grows to 3 feet stretching to 4 feet tall with blooms.  Plant is mass to make an impressive display; spacing them 2 or 3 feet apart.

Pink Muhly Grass is a sun lover and has proven to be very low maintenance.  Cut to the with a few inches from the ground in early spring before new growth begins.   Plants don’t usually need dividing, but if desired then Spring is the time you should divide.

Pink Muhly Grass has been used extensively on highway medians, home landscapes, and golf courses.  Hardy to zone 6.