Rose ‘The Fairy’ Rose

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IMG_0668Polyantha rose (Rosa ‘The Fairy‘)

Rose ‘The Fairy’ – Enjoy a profusion of double blooms of small rosettes of double pink flowers all summer.  As if that were not enough, “The Fairy” puts on another heavy flush of small pink blooms again in the fall.  This is the perfect rose for Home Gardeners.   They are absolutely care free and very hardy, disease resistant and still able to consistently produce an abundance of everblooming charming pink flowers.
“The Fairy’ grows as a compact bush usually around 2- 3 feet tall and wide.  They look great planted as a low hedge or a flowering ground cover.  I have mine throughout my garden to add color all summer.  ‘The Fairy’ is grown on it’s own root and prefers full sun but will also grow and bloom in shade.  I have a bush along the north side of my house and it blooms beautifully all summer.

They are hardy in all planting zones.  Plant 3 feet apart as a hedge or ground cover.  Prune in the winter for shaping.  These are easy to propagate from cuttings.  They will bloom their first year if planted early.  I have had them bloom from cuttings while in the mist bed growing roots. They make great bouquets for the house and I love to pair them with baby’s breath.  They are long lasting in a vase and if left in the vase after the water evaporates, they will dry and keep their pink color to use in dried flower arrangements.  Truly a beautiful plant!!



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