Redbud Tree

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Redbud Tree at Becky's Flower Farm

Redbud Tree at Becky’s Flower Farm

Redbud Tree – Cercis canadensis (eastern redbud) is a large deciduous shrub or small tree, native to eastern North America.

Did you ever wonder what those striking, beautiful purple/pink blooming trees are that you see around NW Arkansas every spring?  Talk about a “breath of fresh air after a long winter”, the Redbud Tree is renown for its burst of showy purple/pink flowers in very early spring with blooms that last for two to three weeks.  The flowers are 1/2 inch long, appearing in clusters on bare stems before the leaves, sometimes on the trunk itself.  The leaves emerge a reddish color, changing to a summer green, and finally to a colorful fall yellow.  The Redbud Tree has become more and more popular for use in home landscapes.  As a native, it naturally grows well here as a specimen tree, street tree or in shrub borders.  Redbuds like full sun but will also grow in partial shade.  They are a deciduous tree (loose their leaves in winter) and tolerate drought conditions once established.  The tree does not transplant easily so it should be planted when young.

The Redbud tree is relatively small with spreading branches and a small short trunk. They  can be found in many gardens and streets capes and is often used to add early color to gardens.  It is one of the most beautiful native trees and distinguished by divided multiple trunks, graceful, rounded crown, and striking pink flowers. Growing to a height of 30 feet and spread of 25 feet with a rounded form.  Zones 4-9.

As for the Redbud’s history, Early settlers used the blossoms of the redbud as a tasty addition to their salads.  Bark was used by early folk healers to treat common maladies and sometimes even leukemia. But the greatest hold on the American spirit is from the Redbuds sheer springtime beauty .

Redbud in Spring

Redbud in Spring



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