Lamb’s Ears Stachys

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Lambs Ear Stachys

Stachys – Lamb’s Ears is a popular perennial grown for its attractive evergreen silver foliage made up of thick woolly leaves.   Some plants beg to be touched and Lamb’s Ears is one of the them.  The gray woolly leaves feel exactly like a lamb’s skin.  In the summer, flower spikes up to 2 feet tall appear bearing small pink to purple flowers hidden by silvery bracts.  Some gardeners prefer to remove them before they bloom to maintain a more compact form.   Long lived and easy to grow, they add variation in color and texture to any perennial garden.

Lamb’s Ears can be used as a groundcover or edging plant, in borders or beds, rock gardens, or in a container pot for terrace decoration.    I love to see Lamb’s ears trailing over raised beds and along paths. They contrast nicely with other foliage and most flowers due to that soft fuzzy texture and silver color. Plant in drift throughout your perennials beds as a striking accent.

Lamb’s Ears form  a spreading mat that chokes out unwanted weeds. Grows 12 to 18 inches tall and 12 inches wide in full sun.  Does well in poor to average with good drainage and has proven to be drought resistant and hardy in zones 4-9.  Rainy summer weather may cause the foliage to rot or disfigure.  When this happens,  just rake to remove unsightly stems and leaves and by summers end, they will have recovered. 

Lamb's ear with Hosta and cCeeping Jenny

Lamb’s Ears with Hosta and Creeping Jenny


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