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Liriope Muscari

Liriope Muscari

LiriopeLilyturf – A widely used, popular heat-tolerant evergreen grass like groundcover for gardens everywhere.  The tufted plant produces spikes of tiny bell-shaped flowers in late summer followed by black fruits.   It will withstand both sun, shade and drought due to its’ incredible toughness and adaptability.   Liriope can be used for the front of the border for textural effect, , as edging  or as groundcover under taller plants.  If you don’t want it to spread, lift and divide the clumps every few years.  Cut off faded flower stems in autumn and trim back old leaves in spring. 


Liriope Muscari is a clumping form of liriope that does not spread by runners.  Flowers are purple and resemble grape hyacinth.  Low maintenance and easy to grow in addition to being rabbit, deer, and drought tolerant.  Tolerates most kinds of soil and light conditions.  Grows to 1 to 1.5 feet with a 1 foot spread.  A staple in most gardens. Hardy in zones 5-10

Liriope Spicata is a spreading form that is used to prevent erosion even on the steepest hillsides.  It will spread and fill out quickly.  Sections can be dug up, divided, and stuck in the ground elsewhere and they will continue to grow and spread.  Very tough plant.  Prefers sun but will also grow in full shade where it will be less aggressive.  Not recommended in mixed borders with other small plants but great for contained areas such as bordered gardens under trees or by itself in a contained area as a groundcover.

Also see Variegated Liriope under perennials.


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