Lady Banks Yellow Rose

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Lady Banks Yellow Rose

Lady Banks Rose

Yellow Lady Banks (R. banksias lutea)

‘Rosa banksias’ ( commonly known as Lady Banks Rose, or Tombstone Rose) is a flowering plant in the rose family, native to central and western China.  Lady Banks is a thornless climbing rose that displays a profusion of small double yellow roses every Spring.  They are one of the earliest roses to bloom and even though they just bloom once a year, they are worth it!   It’s almost like they say “Wait for it, wait for it, then POW”- a show stopping display of double yellow blooms covering the plant emiting a slight scent of violets.  When my Lady Banks rose bush blooms, I find myself marveling at the bountiful  profusion of yellow blooms, it is a wonderful site!    After the long winter, bright cheerful yellow blooms are always a welcome sight.  

They bloom on old wood, so after the blooms have fallen is the best time to prune for shaping,   I find this adventageous for in the fall when I am busy cleaning up and pruning, I don’t have to fuss with the Lady as she is done until next Spring when she shows her “stuff” once again.  Lady Banks is considered semi-evergreen.  They perform as evergreens in zones 9 – 11 and as deciduous plants in zones 6-8.   

Plant your Lady Banks Rose in a sunny location where it has room to grow.  They are very tolerant of many different conditions and work well in difficult areas of the garden that receive full sun with hot temperature or those that become shaded.  These roses are resistant to aphid problems and are not prone to other rose diseases.  Lady Banks is a scrambling vine the grows vigorously to 20 feet tall but can be controlled to desired size with pruning.  Hardy to zone 6.  Plant in full sun to partial shade.  Water regularly until established and after that they are fairly drought tolerant.

Also known as the Tombstone Rose –  named after a rosebush in Arizona which is found to be the oldest and largest rosebush alive and still flourishing today.   She was planted in Tombstone, Arizona in 1885 and now covers 8,000 square feet of an Inn roof  and has a 12-foot circumference trunk.

The Lady Banks Roses we have were propogated from cuttings of a rose bush at the Ranch that we have had for several years.  A great addition for any garden!






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