Phlox Creeping

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Creeping phlox with Spring Tulips

Creeping Phlox is widely used as a groundcover due to its’ beautiful displays of color each spring.   When massed together, creeping phlox plants make a powerful landscape statement. In spring, creeping phlox plants produce small flowers in dense clusters.

Creeping phlox (Phlox Subulata) plants reach 6″ in height and spread out 2′. Some of the needle-like foliage remains green throughout the winter.  After the blooming period each Spring, the foliage can be pruned back to encourage denser growth, thereby making your creeping phlox plants a more attractive groundcover for the summer months.

Creeping phlox plants stay short and spread making them favorable when used as a groundcovers or to form a border along lawns or in rock gardens.  However, their striking spring flower display can be most appreciated when they are planted on slopes.  In addition to the colorful show each spring, when planted on slopes, they help to prevent erosion. As far as plants that attract butterflies, creeping phlox is a splendid choice for butterfly gardens.

Hardy in zones 3-9DSCN0502

Creeping Phlox

Blue Emerald Creeping Phlox

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