Groundcover Plants

Groundcover plants spilling into walkway

Groundcover plants spilling into walkway

Groundcover Plants are usually referred to as plants that carpet the ground.   Groundcover plants are useful in preventing soil erosion, and also adding color and  beauty to the landscape.  The most important requirement of a groundcover is that it spreads quickly with fibrous roots that bind the soil. The second thing you want is something easy to maintain.  Most often a single type of plant is used as a groundcover in a particular area, but at time several can be effectively combined.

Woody evergreens such as creeping junipers can be used as they stay green year round.  Many groundcovers are plants of choice because of their various textures, forms and in many cases their colorful blooms.  Some are for sun and some for varying degrees of shade.  Using perennial groundcovers can make your gardening chores easier while making your garden more interesting and beautiful.

We have several different types of groundcover plants available. Some will be under the heading of Groundcover Plants, while other can be found under Perennials.  Here are some suggestions for Perennial Groundcovers.

Ajuga     Creeping Phlox     Dianthus     Ferns     Heuchera     Hosta     Iris

Llamium     Liriope     Miscanthus Grass    Sedums (Stonecrop)    Stachys (Lambs Ear)


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