Hydrangea Oakleaf ‘Sikes Dwarf’

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'Sikes Dwarf' Oakleaf Hydrangea

‘Sikes Dwarf’ Oakleaf Hydrangea

Hydrangea quercifolia ‘Sikes Dwarf’ is a smaller version of the much loved Oakleaf hydrangea with multiple white, cone shaped flowerheads and burgundy fall foliage.  This species is about half the size of most hydrangeas with a height and width of only 2 – 4 feet, making it perfect for smaller gardens and contained areas or even as a small hedge.   It makes a great plant for container gardening as it add color and texture to any patio or porch.  Also loved as a cut flower to enjoy inside the home.

The white cone-shaped flowers emerge in May  until July, turning a reddish-pink as they mature.  The oak shaped leaves take on rich purple-red tones in fall.  During the winter, the “paper-like” peeling bark adds interest.

Hardy in zones 5 – 9, this unique plant prefers full sun to part shade and like well drained, moist soil.   A low maintenance shrub and one to enjoy for many years.