White Astilbe

White Astilbe

1 Gallon – $5.97  2 Gallon – $8.00

Astilbe is a perennial that will come back every year to add color and fine texture to your garden.  Beautiful showy, airy plumes rise from glossy fern-like foliage.  The plume flowers are clusters of tiny blooms which rise above the foliage to a height of about 1 -2 feet.  Bloom time is spring through summer.  Available in White, Pink, and pale Lavender.

Although they look delicate, they are actually tough if planted in the right area and soil. They are easy to grow and will live a long time in your garden.  Astilbes prefer an area that get morning sun but afternoon shade as they will burn in full sun.  They can grow in deep shade but will not flower as much.

Astilbes prefer loamy soil with good drainage so amend soil with peat moss, perlite and course sand to improve the drainage if needed.  Astilbes like regular watering and will spread forming broad clumps of plants.  Their crowns often rise above the soil as they grow, so make sure to cover them with humus-rich soil or lift and replant the clumps.

USDA Hardiness Zones: 3 – 9.

Astilbe offer great performance in containers, shady borders or at pond edge.  Astilbe can be cut to use in arrangements but removing flower heads will not promote continued flowering.   Your astilbes will continue to provide attractive foliage until fall.
After the first frost, the leaves may yellow; trim leaves if you wish and fresh growth will come next spring.

If you have a shady area, try astilbes to add color!  Available in White, Lavender and Pink.

Pink Astilbe

Pink Astilbe

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