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Purple Leaf Japanese Honeysuckle – Lonicera japonica’purpurea’

Purple Leaf Honeysuckle is a vine that is covered with very fragrant coral pink flowers from April to June.  When the honeysuckles are blooming, wafts of the wonderful fragrance can be detected all around the house, especially when there is a breeze.  Takes me back to childhood memories when we would pull off the blooms and suck the sweet nectar from the base. The woody vine is fast growing and will quickly cover your trellis or provide shade for your arbor.  The flowers contrast nicely with the purple/green leaves and purple tinged stems.  Flowers open at dusk to allow pollination by bees.

Hardy in zone 4-10, the vining stems can grow 10 – 15 feet tall with a spread of 5 – 6 feet.    Prefers sun/partial shade and is drought resistant.  Considered invasive in some states.


Honeysuckle Vine




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