Meidiland Roses

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Meidiland Roses are known as shrub roses used as a specimen plant, as a low growing  hedge or as a ground cover.  The Meidland Roses are known for their disease resistance, winter hardiness, ease of maintenance and growing stamina.  They tend to have a creeping habit which makes them a good choice to use in mass as a beautiful ground cover.  Also good for banks as erosion control, for foundation or cottage gardens. They are often planted in parks and public areas along roads.

Most Meidiland Rose types have arching or cascading stems that grow up to 2- 3 feet tall and spread of 4 or 5 feet wide.    They blooms continuously from May till first frost.  The blooms do not have a fragrance.  They do have thorns.  MeidilandRoses are grown on their own roots

I started with 3 different Meidiland Roses 10 years ago – Red, Pink and White.  They require very little care and bloom all summer.  You can increase the blooms by deadheading or pruning.  I have been know to take the cutting shears to them in the fall and just “wac” away only to have them come back more bountiful the following spring.  They are easy to propagate as I now have around 25 bushes throughout my flower beds.  I have propagated them by splitting, digging out side shoots,  and by taking cuttings.  I have even propagated by layering  by  placing a rock over a long cascading stem that touches the ground and covering both with dirt or mulch.  A few months later or the following year they are rooted.  Cut the stem away from the mother bush and plant.  Meidiland Roses grow best in zones 4 – 9. in full sun or partial shade.  Prune during late winter to desired shape and size.   Red – Single bloom with a white center.

Pink Rose

Pink Meidiland Rose

Red Meidiland Rose

Red Meidiland Rose


Pink Meidiland Rose bush


Pink Meidland Rose

Pink Meidland Rose

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