Euonymus Moonshadow

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euonymus fortunei moonshadow

Euonymus fortunei ‘Moonshadow’ is a low growing evergreen shrub displaying shiny yellow leaves with green margins.  Its’ attractive variegated foliage contributes to its stand out quality in any landscape. Their leaves and stems take on a pink hugh during the winter months. Euonymus ‘Moonshadow’ look great planted as a single accent or in mass as ground cover or just general garden use for year round color.

Low growing so works great under shrubs or trees or in front of a border.  These are a favorite of mine as they add striking color year round to any flower bed.  When everything looks brown and dead, these little plants still shine with color.  Planted in containers, they add a snap of variegated color and love to cascade over the sides.

They are extremely hardy and if in the right conditions can live for over 30 years.   Euonymus ‘Moonshadow ‘ tends to make a better ground cover than it’s counterpart Emerald ‘n’ Gold as it stays lower to the ground (1-2 feet high) with a greater spread (4 feet wide).   Its dense branching discourages weed growth making it an effective ground cover.  Euonymus Moonshadow will thrive in either dry or wet conditions and can be pruned at any time.  Leaves are evergreen and develop a pink tinge during the winter which adds to their value for winter interest.

Euonymus ‘Moonshadow’ in full sun to partial shade, but sun will give you the best and brightest colors.  These plants are low maintenance and drought tolerant – hardy in zone 4-9.

 Euonymus 'Moonshadow' in the snow

Euonymus ‘Moonshadow’ in the snow

Euonymus Moonshadow

Euonymus Moonshadow

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