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Becky Pratt Retired and Happy

Becky Pratt

About Me…

In this crazy and sometimes frustrating world we all live in, I have found gardening to be my quiet place, the place that I can always rely upon to forget about the days’ demands.  The wonder of creating life from a tiny seed and watching it grow into some beautiful and healthy is a joy that I think all of us can understand.

My husband and I are fortunate enough to own a large farm in Northwest Arkansas surrounded by our three daughters, their husbands, and eight wonderful grandchildren.  It has become a family tradition help “Nana” in the gardens, and now even our youngest grandson, ten year old Spencer, has logged countless hours working alongside me as we go about our chores.  Every child needs a garden, and vice versa; they grow very well together and the outcome is never disappointing.

 Now, after retiring from a forty plus year career in the Emergency Department as a nurse and Director, I have decided to follow my passion and fulfill my dreams of growing plants full time.  Several of the outbuildings have been converted to grow houses, more land cross-fenced for nursery areas, and the grandkids are on the payroll.  We have two mist beds and multiple grow beds.  We have had a great reception in the local markets, and feel that now is the time to let this business grow and have fun.


     Blooming Strong

My passion is in the ability to grow from a seedling, watching it transform into a master of beauty who’s only mission is to make you smile.