2 Gallon – $8.00

Foxglove (Digitalis)

Looking for a standout in your garden?  Give Foxglove (Digitalis) a try and you won’t be disappointed!  They form attractive clumps of large downy green leaves from which arise 16 to 20 inch tall stiff stems bursting with trumpets of colorful speckled blooms.

Foxglove is a biennial, meaning it lives for two years (only foliage the first year, blooming in its second year).  We have 2 gallon second year plants ready to bloom this season for a great vertical accent in your garden!  Plant along fences, edge of woods or in large containers or as a tall backdrop to shorter plants.   They make wonderful cut flowers and cut foliage for bouquets.

Hardy in zones 4-9, they prefer to be planted in an area that receives part to full sun. They can be planted in average soil and watered normally.  Perfect for your garden as they are deer and rabbit resistant .  At the end of the season, the flowers will dry and spread their seeds for self sowing.  I like to break of the stems and shake the seeds throughout my garden.

Give foxglove a try as they are not a plant found in the everyday garden and enjoy their unusual beauty.